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Manual Therapies

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Unique palpation skills allows 2tracks to gather information assessing muscle tone, quality and mass while identifying any pain and abnormalities enabling us to target the problem areas and individualise treatments.


Massage is gentle manipulation of muscle and connective tissue which improves the circulation and lymphatic drainage, which in turn improves oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues, enhances waste removal and helps reduce fluid retention.  Massage can help restore mobility, reduce stiffness, muscle spasms and tension, combat compensatory stresses, aid relaxation and act as a sensory simulator to aid nerve regeneration. Massage can also lower nerve mechanoreceptor sensitivity to produce a pain relief effect.


Stretching can help to warm up muscles prior to exercise or be used following exercise to cool down. Stretching can elongate restricted and tight muscles   lymphatic flow and stimulates proprioceptive pathways which would be beneficial in Barney. PROM is often combined with stretching of the connective tissues and muscles. Due to its passive nature, PROM does not prevent muscle atrophy (Sims et al., 2015).

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Passive and Active Range of Motion

Passive range of motion is the use of external force on joints to enable movement without patient muscular activity. passive range of motion articulates joints and mobilises extra-articular structure such as muscles and fascia. It helps prevent joints becoming stiff, prevent cartilage reduction, increase synovial fluid production, in turn improving cartilage nutrition, improves circulation and lymphatic flow and stimulates proprioceptive pathways. Active range of motion has all of the benefits already mentioned with the added benefit of improving joint strength and stability.

Remedial Exercise Prescription

There is a wide variety of different exercises and equipment that can be used utilised in rehabilitation and conditioning. The exercises chosen for your companion will challenge the target areas and help strengthen and improve balance and body awareness. Some of the tasks may simply be weight shifting to encourage the use certain limbs all the way to caveletti poles, we

 such as cavaletti rails, weaving, weight–shifting, stair climbing and sit–to–stands. Exercises also allow joints to move through their full range of motion and encourages the use and correct motion of all limbs, whilst also providing proprioceptive feedback.

Home Exercise Plan

Home exercise plans may be required to continue your companions journey at home. These exercises will be tailored specifically for your companion and will be demonstrated with you so that your feel safe and confident to carry them out at home

Physiotherapy: Services


LASER therapy 
Laser therapy is our gold star therapeutic tool, 2tracks Vet Physio is lucky enough to be able to provide mobile Class IV LASER treatments in the comfort of your own home

Pulsed ElectroMagentic Field Therapy PEMF

PEMF therapy uses non-invasive magnetic coils that produce an electric field to provide therapeutic effect. PEMF has an effect on a cellular level and helps improve the function of injured cells. PEMF has been reported to have positive results for decreasing pain, muscle spasms and improving joint range of motion. PEMF can help prevent bone deterioration in patients with limited mobility and can speed the healing of fractures. Magnetic fields also have a potential to act on reducing fluid retention.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation NMES

NMES uses electrodes to apply electrical currents to muscle and nerves stimulating involuntary tetanic contractions. NMES can help reduce muscle loss due to disuse, help improve muscle mass, improve muscle resistance to fatigue and reduce bone demineralisation due to lack of loading.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation TENS

TENS uses electrodes placed on skin to deliver a therapeutic effect. TENS  pulsed electrical frequency stimulates peripheral nerves. TENS is thought to increase perfusion, reduce fluid retention and most importantly provide pain relief through two different methods, one acting on the pain gate theory modulating pain transmission to the brain and secondly stimulating the body to produce natural endorphins. TENS has been shown to increase natural opioid levels by 400% when used for 30 minutes at low-frequency.

Physiotherapy: Services
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Paws 2 Water Underwater Treadmill

Paws 2 Water Hydrotherapy Specialists is run by Ceri Johnson MIRVAP ICH who is fully qualified and experienced in dog and small animal hydrotherapy. 2Tracks Vet Physio work closely with Paws 2 Water providing individualised treatment plans to meet your companions needs. Underwater treadmills allow for water levels adjustments to tailor the target effect and provides a controlled environment for hydrotherapy

Thermal Therapy and Cryotherapy

We utilise heat and cold to provide pain relief and aid tissues healing as needed depending on the age of the injury and symptoms presented

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